Monday, June 18, 2012

Lydia's Birthday

Lydia's birthday fell on Saturday this year, so we were able to have her 1st birthday party on the day of her birthday.

Now that she's one, she's walking all over the place.

It seems to help when she has something in her hands.

Festive, right? Nice wrapping job, Jennie! :)

Trisha! :)

Here's where things seem to have gone downhill...

The boys (below) wishing the "gwown-ups" would help them get their sticks out of the brush. Thankfully, Jennie came to their rescue later:)

The happy birthday song was really nice...
 Rowan REALLY wanted to blow the candle out. Clarence had a finger in front of his lips until... was time.
 Unfortunately, this is when Lydia began to cry. She must not like all eyes on her. It was a pretty sad end to the birthday song. She doesn't seem to like cake. We tried to let her try it again later when everyone had left, but she still did not want it. She even gagged at one point!

After a little break, Lydia came back ready to open presents;)

She loved this toy Em gave her. It had all sorts of latches and locks. Amy joked that Lydia was going to be escaping soon. She'll say, "Come on Rowan, lift me up!" hahaha. I'm still laughing about this.

She and Brady were having fun playing with the toys.

After everyone left, we put her little toy dog together. She enjoyed riding it around. However, she has now discovered that she can use it as a step-stool to reach the top of the furniture. This morning, she scooted it over to the table, climbed up, and started grabbing all the picture frames off the top. She sure is industrious when she wants something.

We spent the evening out on the back deck.

Em and Mom did a little dancing with Ro and Lydie. They loved it!

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