Friday, March 16, 2012

Lydia 9 Months

Today Lydia is 9 months old. She was born June 16, and this is March 16. Is my math correct? I just cannot believe she is 9 months old. How is time speeding up? Years feel like months, months feel like weeks, weeks feel like days (and so on and so forth). When we were kids, an hour was an eternity. It’s just so funny how an hour feels so brief now (except when I’m at work longing to be anywhere but work….).

Lydia is such a bright and happy baby. I spent last weekend with Trisha, and we were talking about how Lydia, from the day she was born, has been so snuggly and loving. We were so fortunate to have Trisha come and spend a week with us and to have Kristi come and spend the night a couple of nights too. They probably don’t realize it, but they really saved me when my world was feeling a little cloudy. We are thankful to have such amazing friends for sure.

Anyway, Lydia seems to be growing and developing at a good pace. She had her doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and I will post the numbers from that visit soon. She says some words like dada, mama, boder (which is perhaps brother?), ba-ba for bottle or food, and bye-bye. And she waves. It’s too cute when she waves. She’s squirming around on the floor, but she’s not yet crawling. And she pulls up all the time. You can tell that she’s getting very frustrated not being able to move around on her own. I feel like she’d prefer to skip crawling and go straight to walking, but we are encouraging her to give crawling a try first;)

She is a sweet little thing, but she has a temper. If you take away her paper towels (she loves to tear up paper towels and tries to eat the little pieces), she will clench her little fists and scream. Haha. I think this is part of her personality though, because I see her as being very determined. She has been this way since she really became conscious of the world around her.

She and Rowan are beginning to form a very close bond. They have their own inside jokes. He speaks to her in this little weird language, and she smiles and laughs like she really gets him. They snuggle up together, and he can do about anything, and she thinks it’s awesome. You can see it in her little open-mouth gaze;) I hope they will continue to be friends and to love one another so much

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