Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rowan's Favorite Books

Rowan has loved this book since before he was 2 years old. He could sing most of the words, and would say, "This Land is Your Land, by Woodie Guthris. Pictures by Kathy Jakobsen." We've read it over and over and ove again.

This book we read after Lydia was born. For some reason this is what he wanted to read. It is a really sweet book about how a mother's love will follow their child wherever they go.

This has been a favorite for forever! I think Rowan sees a little of himself in Harriet when she has a fit and kicks over her blocks when her mother asks her to pick up her toys. He will say, "Uh-oh, Mommy. That's not good."

Em and I had this same version of Peter Pan when we were kids, and read it until we lost it in the woods behind our house one day. This has been a favorite of Rowan's for a while, though now he is a little afraid of Captain Hook.

These are all of Rowan's favorite books at the moment: Archie and the Pirates, The Amazing Adventures of Supercat!, The Honey-Cake Mix-Up, The Cat in the Hat, Going to the Zoo with Lily and Milo, A Treasury of Curious George, Mama's Right Here, Green Eggs and Ham, This Land is My Land, and This Tree Counts.

We read at least one book every night before bed, but we usually read three or more (depending on how early we get started). It is one of my favorite times of day, snuggled down under the covers in Rowan's room by the light of his little lap.

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Stacy Eskew said...

We love storytime too :-)