Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rowan!

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet boy. I cannot believe you are already three. Life goes by too fast these days.

We had a wonderful birthday this year. Friday Rowan had a party at school. Clarence and I brought cupcakes and joined his friends and teachers, LaPortia and Kimberly, in a little party. Saturday we had a wonderful party at home. The guest list included GG, Emily, Grandaddy, T, Alex, Olivia, Grammy, PopPop, Jennifer, Andrew, Unlce Harry, Aunt Sarah, Amy, Ed, Eamon, Brady, Trisha, Kristi and her friend, Butch. I hope I didn't forget somebody. Please comment if I did!

Look at this cake Shannon made for Rowan! It is too cute.


Here are some pictures from the party:

Twyla brought their bouncy castle for Rowan and Eamon to play in.

Rowan wanted 7 candles on his birthday cake.

Jumping on the rocket Pop Pop gave Rowan.

Lydia was there too.

Rowan loves having Trish come and play and spend the night! He had so much fun reading and playing hide and seek and just having fun.

The next day, we played and played with all his toys. He was loving it.

Here are Clarence and Rowan putting together this truck. This is also a gift from Pop Pop since he and Daddy used to build radio controlled cars when Daddy was young.

 (Lydia's watching too)

This morning, we started the day off right with Trisha's cinnamon rolls and a few calls for happy birthday singing. Here he is on a call from Grammy and Pop Pop. 

We had to have more birthday candles and singing too!

A birthday train (according to Rowan).

Presents from Mommy and Daddy.

That's his very own digital camera!

Due to Tropical Storm Lee that has rolled in from the gulf, we are inundated with rain at this point. So we made the best of it, and Rowan ran around in the yard hopping in all the puddles, getting completely soaked and muddy.

I think Rowan had a wonderful birthday. Thanks everybody for coming to his party and being a part of it. We love our family and friends very much:)


Ali said...

What a special day!!! Happy Birthday precious boy!!!

clancy1928 said...

Ashley you do a wonderful job of illustrating the events in his life.


azylee said...

Eamon and Brady had a great time. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you