Monday, August 2, 2010

Potty Training

I got a call from daycare today.  We are slowly beginning the process of potty training, and Maria (Rowan's teacher) wanted him to tell me what he did. She handed the phone over to Rowan who said, "Pottied, Mommy!" and then I could hear him bouncing around the room saying, "Pee-pee. Potty!" It was so cute. When it was time to hang up, she put him back on the phone and he said, "Bye!.....wuv ooo!" It was so cute and sweet. I wish I could get that phone call every day:) Reminds me of how much I like our daycare. I love the personal calls I get with updates on Rowan and how they will put him on the phone with me. I feel very fortunate.

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