Saturday, March 13, 2010

A while back

One night we were having a lovely conversation with family back home (sorry for the horrible lighting).

When all of the sudden, Bella came into the room.....

She stood there for a minute like, "Could somebody please get this thing off my head?!", but she was also caught red-handed and was a little sheepish like, "...and also if you could please not fuss at me for having been in the garbage, that would be great"
Rowan immediately began to point at her saying, "uh-oh!! uh-oh!!" and then he became more frantic, "UH-OH!!!!"

We were laughing waaaay too hard to do anything at that point. And even funnier that she had a full audience from everyone on the other end of the online chat. So Rowan decided he'd try to help her out:)

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