Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Part IV

After we left Mom's house, we headed to Anniston to my Grandmother's house. We are always a bit tired at this point, but it was still very good to get to spend that time with our family.

Here's Dad on the couch -

Rowan got one of the ball blower things that Eamon has from Uncle Harry and Aunt Sarah. He absolutely LOVES it. He'll go push the button and dance and dance and watch the balls pop out and say, "Baaa!" (for ball;)

After Grandmother's, we went over to Dad's house for the last round of present opening and visiting. We had a nice fire, and Rowan got this cute little tricycle/riding toy. Now he wants us to push him all over the house.

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Trisha said...

Great pics Ash! It must be nice to see so much family, but just reading about your four-part Christmas is making me feel tired. :) Your family is lucky that you guys are willing to power through and see them all.